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Harga Normal:
harga anda:
Rp.7.850.000 (Anda hemat Rp.7.150.000)
12,00 KGS
Rp.600.000 (biaya pengiriman tetap)
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Deskripsi Produk


There should be more to life than a choice between mountain bikes and road bikes. The Colnago Impact is a flat bar road bike that zips around with style. It can be your townie, your coffee cruiser, your commuter, or even your endurance ride. No matter the role, it excels. Where it excels is up to you.


  • Bottom Bracket Shimano
  • Brake Calipers Shimano BR-R317
  • Brake Levers Shimano BL-2400
  • Cassette Shimano CS-HG50-8, 11-28
  • Chain Shimano CN-HG71
  • Crankset Shimano Claris FC-2450, 46/34
  • Fork Colnago Impact Disc
  • Frame Material Aluminum
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Claris 2400
  • Handlebar Deda Duro
  • Headset FSA No.63/51E
  • Pedals Not Included
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Claris 2400
  • Rotors Shimano SM-RT56, 160mm
  • Saddle Velo VL-1205
  • Seatpost Colnago Alloy, 31.6mm
  • Shifters Shimano SL-2400
  • Stem Deda EL
  • Tires Kenda K193, 700x28c
  • Wheel - Front Alex Race 24 Rim, Formula DC-20, 6 Bolt
  • Wheel - Rear Alex Race 24 Rim, Formula DC-22, 6 Bolt

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